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About me:


Now, you may be wondering why I have a Blog in the first place, and if we have enough in common for you to continue reading, or maybe even subscribing.

Liz’s Everest is about my own personal Everest. You see, I’d like to grow wise, not old. If you too would like to grow in wisdom, it may be worth keeping this little website in your favourites. I don’t know everything, but I can help where I can.

I aim to post twice a month, at least. Maybe more. My hope is that I can share my wisdom and what I’ve learnt from life, so that maybe, both of us… all of us… can become stronger, better, wiser Souls, and go out into our respective communities and make this world a kinder place.

Among my musings, there may be a few Posts of Wisdom, stemming from my upbringing as a Catholic, too. Having a strong Spirituality, no matter which religion we start from, to me, is important. And yes, even Atheists can be Spiritual beings too. We all need something bigger than ourselves to believe in when the going gets tough.

Anyway, keep wandering around the website, and enjoy!

Oh, and remember to contact me at lizseverest@gmail.com about any of the content. We can agree or even, disagree, but feel free to enter into conversation. I like seeing the world through different perspectives. And, of course, if there are any parts of the website that don’t work, pages missing, etc, please let me know so that I can fix things.